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  • Web Meetings or Go to Online Meetings or Cloud Meetings or Android meetings, you can Record the meeting in Dropbox/ Google Drive
  • GoQuick uses Super Encryption technology (End-to-end encryption) like in WhatsApp
  • You can Zoom in the display during the meetings
  • Floating display on the mobile
  • Screen share your Microsoft Powerpoint presentations or any of the windows including Chrome/ Edge/ Safari from desktop meeting app
  • Stream over YouTube
  • Chat during Video Meeting to selected participant or everyone
  • Calendar integration for all your meetings
  • Perfectly works on WiFi, 4G and 3G networks
  • Optimized for 75 to 100 persons
  • School Classroom meetings for distance education can be easily done
  • Integration with iOS & Apple devices
  • Sing a karaoke song with whole group on GoQuick Live
  • Get together, Reunions or birthday party, celebrate with GoQuick Live!
  • Namastey Mitron! Under the able leadership of PM Narendra Modi, GoQuick Live has been conceived & developed by Indians. Jai Hind
  • Women Entrepreneurs have come together for making Indian Video conferencing app with their Start-up.
  • Expert engineers based in Gujarat, Karnataka, UK, Bihar and UP
  • Very low pricing for Premium paid version to sustain Amazon Web Servers bandwidth charges for assured professional video bridge conferences
  • Give 5 stars for this Indian App & help us zoom past unsecured services
  • Share & promote GoQuickLive, we allow free usage by keeping very low marketing costs, help us become #1 app!